Feburary 24th, 2019 Update!!!!!

We're working to create an awesome 40th year reunion tentatively set for Fall 2020.

Please update your contact information if applicable.

Since you're here, take a moment to answer our delightful quizes below.

Thanks for visiting our site.  The year is upon us and we've been busy getting ready.

Register in the CLASSMATES section  whether or not you plan to attend so you'll be with us in spirit if not in person. 

This site is for you, our classmates, so feel free to upload photos, write a story, or submit suggestions.

We look forward to seeing you!!!!

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Reunion Quiz
What Meridian event is most likely to happen in 2020?

Grand Opening of Marriot Threefoot Building
190th Anniversary of the Founding of Meridian
Meridian fixes all of it roads
Economic Boom
Reunion Poll
Are you interested in atttending our 40 year class reunion?

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